Jodi Sharp

Let’s be honest. I’m a writer.


The thing is, I didn’t start out as writer at all. I’m actually an artist. But the catch about successfully making art its that you have to do SO MUCH WRITING about it. And over time I actually began to enjoy the writing just as much as the art itself. 

In 2011 I started a blog that became weirdly successful with thousands of hits a week. Soon friends were asking me for help with writing and design. Then, companies. So why not make it official? I’m a writer. There I said it. 

How can I help you?

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Human Interest, Small Business, Travel, Visual Art & Design


Skill Set: Article Writing,  Brochure Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Documentary, Grant Writing, Graphic Design, Interviewing, Photography, Photo Editing,  Presentation Design, Research, Social Media Copywriting, Technical Writing, Travel Writing, Video editing  


Popular Content


10 Steps to Ordering Commission Art

Ever wondered how to order a personalized art piece from a real artist? Find out how with these easy steps! 

The Horrific Destruction of Burner Alley

The viral post that helped push the city of Montreal to green a local space. 

Interview with Black Rock City Photographer Philippe Glade

Meet the man who pioneered Burning Man architectural photography.

The Woods Hole Dome of Buckminster Fuller

Famous for being the only surviving geodesic dome that Buckminster Fuller personally built, the Woods Hole Dome has been as constant battle to be preserved as a historical site. Find out the story and support the cause.


Spiritual Lessons on the Necessity of Exhaustion

Lessons from Tiger Temple of Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, on why a journey should take a thousand steps.

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Rate Card

Rates are project dependant and open to negotiations. Please contact me so we can discuss what’s right for you!

Blog Posts/ Web Articles- $42-$48 per hour

Social Media Content- $$42-$48 per hour

Email/ Newsletters- $36-$40 per hour

Website Copy- $48-$52 per hour

Research Papers- $48-$52 per hour

Proposals and Grants- $56-$62 per hour

Technical Writing- $52-$58 per hour


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